Get Involved

What You Can Do

LEARN – At, the public can obtain accurate and clear information about all aspects of kidney disease.  Medical professionals can review guidelines and access resources for the optimal care of patients.

GET TESTED – 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease.  You may be one of them.  If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of these conditions, you are at risk.  See your doctor and ask for three simple tests to determine if you have kidney disease.  Check our events calendar to find free kidney health screenings near you.

VOLUNTEER – NKFL needs volunteers, including health care professionals, of all ages and interests.  Please consider sharing your talents and time to help the NKFL make a difference.  Contact any member of the NKFL staff to find out more.

JOIN NKFL – The NKFL offers a variety of valuable membership benefits to healthcare professionals, patients, transplant recipients, living donors and donor families.

SUPPORT NKFL – There are many ways you can help.  Make a contribution to NKFL (have link to click), participate in a local Kidney Walk (have link to click) or Liberty Mutual Insurance Invitational (have link to click), donate your vehicle to Kidney Cars (have link to click), attend a fundraising event, make a planned gift or memorial/honor donation (have link to click) or sponsor a NKFL program.