Patient Services

Patient Programs and Services

The National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, with additional funding from the New Orleans’ Kidney Patient Association (NOKPA), has raised over $13,500,000.00 to implement the following statewide programs:

Crisis Intervention Fund (CIF) — The Crisis Intervention Fund is administered by the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana and funded in part, through NOKPA.  A patient applies for a grant through his social worker who submits an application to the NKFL.  You can review the Pt Guidelines for CIF to see if you qualify before submitting an application.  The crisis application requires the patient’s financial information (i.e., monthly income and expenses) along with the intended use for the funds being requested.  In order to qualify the patient should be experiencing an unplanned crisis that has caused a one-time financial burden.  While most patients use their grant for medical supplies or medicine, the utilization of these monies is not limited to medical needs.  In fact, many indigent patients need the funds simply to make ends meet — for utility charges, car repairs or a new pair of glasses.  You many download the patient guidelines and the application here.  Your social worker or clinic administrator is responsible for completing Section three and submitting to the NKFL office.

KEEPing Your Kidneys Healthy – The kidney health screening is designed to identify and educate individuals at increased risk for developing kidney disease. Individuals at increased risk are those with diabetes and/or high blood pressure or with a family history high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease. The purpose of the screening is to delay or prevent the development of chronic kidney disease.

Participants will have physical measurements taken, along with blood and/or urine samples to determine the kidney function. An on-site medical professional will review these results with participants and receive educational material about preventing and treating kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

For a listing of screening locations and dates, please visit our Calendar of Event   for more details.

Kidneys in the Classroom –  A role-play presentation for students in grade 3 – 6 teaches them about kidney disease and organ donation. If you would like to schedule a presentation for the 2017-2018 school year, please contact Cecilia Estep at (504) 861-4500 or at

Summer Camp – Every year the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana sends young patients from across the state to a very special camp. The camp is unique. It is designed and run just for children suffering from kidney failure. Dedicated doctors, nurses, and even dietitians volunteer their time to meet the special medical needs of these kids. At camp each child is encouraged to do his or her personal best…wheel chairs, crutches, and even blindness no longer make them feel ‘different’.

Francisco “Frank” M. Gonzalez Memorial Research Fund – Supporting research is one of the major goals of the NKFL and the Medical Advisory Board has raised a large enough endowment in its research fund to provide annual, competitive, peer-reviewed research funding for programs in the state of Louisiana. In January of each year, we post annual requests for proposals for research funding from institutions and organizations within the state of Louisiana. Proposals are reviewed on their scientific merit by an independent review board.