Public Health Education

A key component of the mission of the National Kidney Foundation is to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases. This is achieved through a variety of community-based educational programs.

Health Fairs

NKF participates in health fairs and other health events, sharing literature and information about kidney disease and organ donation.  An urine analysis test can be conducted at select venues.

Kidneys in the Classroom

An elementary interactive education program for grades 3-6, teaching children about kidney functions and how to keep their bodies healthy, as well as organ donation.  The presentation can be adjusted to the time frame of your class session.  To schedule your presentation, please contact Cecilia Estep, Event/Program Coordinator and Communications Specialist, at (504) 861-4500 or at

Please click below to download our kid-friendly coloring book for National Coloring Book Day on August 2, 2017. 

KEEPing Your Kidneys Healthy Screenings

The kidney health screening is designed to identify and educate individuals at increased risk for developing kidney disease. Individuals at increased risk are those with diabetes and/or high blood pressure or with a family history high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease. The purpose of the screening is to delay or prevent the development of chronic kidney disease.

Participants will have physical measurements taken, along with blood and/or urine samples to determine the kidney function. An on-site medical professional will review these results with participants and receive educational material about preventing and treating kidney disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Please visit our Calendar of Event   for more details and other dates and locations.